How can you help?

As a volunteer, contributor, donating, or by simply taking part …

As a voluteer...

You have a number of avenues to contribute your might as a volunteer.

We are constantly looking for help from:

Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers, public speakers and so on to participate in the various sub-committees of the temple.

Volunteers who are willing spare time at the temple on weekdays and weekends in the evening. We will issue certificate to school/college students that will help them fulfill community service requirement.

Volunteers who will help us conduct public functions and large gatherings in different ways such as controlling and directing traffic, fill up and distribute prasadam, clean the temple premises after the function etc.

Volunteers who could make phone calls to temple patrons with a view to spreading the message of the temple and helping to collect funds.

Youths to join hands with our youth wing Yuvatma

Spread the word about our “Nama Japam” program and obtain bookings from the Hindu community.

As a contributor ...

Book an Udaya Asthamana Pooja
Make a Loan Pledge
Buy a Medallion
Make Recurring Donations
Make a Lump Sum Donation
Participate in Special Events
With Literary Contributions

Naama Japam

Naama Japam is the brainchild of our beloved Thirumeni and provides an opportunity for many people to participate in the construction of the permanent temple. Anyone can organize a Naama Japam. It can be held in their homes. “Navara Nellu” – a type of raw rice – is given out to all those present at a Naama Japam. Any individual from the group touches the “Nellu” and all the people taking part in the Naama Japam touch each other to form a “chain” and all chant “Narayana”. The number of times the prayer is chanted (multiplied by the number of people) is counted. When a certain number is reached the “Nellu” is returned to Thirumeni. He places this “Nellu” at the base where the temple is to be constructed at a function called “Shadaadhaara Pratishta”. This represents the number of prayers that have gone into the temple building. Instead of a chain of people, a thread/coir made up of “Darbha Pullu” – a type of grass – used for religious functions can also be utilized. People taking part, then, hold the thread while chanting and one end of the thread touches the “Nellu”.

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