As the Prathishtta and Utsavam approaches, we are looking for a group of eager young volunteers to help with various tasks during the 2 week long ceremonies. These tasks are crucial to the smooth running of our temple, and will help make the ceremonies a huge success. Tasks may include food distribution, stage setup/teardown, clean up etc.

This is a great opportunity to volunteer, credit hours for high school, gain experience in leadership, get references, as well as a way to get involved in your community and temple with friends!

Interested volunteers, kindly fill out the registration form by clicking on the link below, and Anju (Anjana Rajendran) will contact you shortly thereafter to confirm your information and give you your assigned tasks and schedules.

The link to the google form is :

Please also feel free to invite other friends and devotees who may also be interested in taking part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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