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Visitors to the temple

Self-declaration form (Online)

Please select your answers. All fields required.

If you answered NO to this question, please refrain from entering the temple for your own safety and for the safety of others. We request you to postpone your visit to the temple until you are fully vaccinated.

If you answered YES to any of the questions 2-5, please refrain from entering the temple for the safety of the temple staff and fellow devotees.

By entering your full legal name you are signing the document. Carry this confirmation (email) with you. The registration personnel will also have your details.

New entry restrictions (1 March 2022)

Our temple is further relaxing the restrictions on the following basis:

Guidelines to follow inside the temple

  • Mask is mandatory inside the temple for everyone.
  • Sanitize hands on arrival prior to entry.
  • Those who are eligible for vaccination should be fully vaccinated prior to entry to the temple. Therefore, children under 12 are now allowed.
  • Self declaration on paper or through QR code system will continue, until advised otherwise by the Public Health authorities.
  • Social distancing (6 feet apart) is a requirement at all times inside the temple.
  • Pooja prasadams (pushpanjali, payasam, appam etc) will be kept for collection by devotees. No theertm.
  • Please restrict your time inside the temple not more than 10 minutes (unless you are participating in a pooja/homam).
  • Parents are requested to supervise the children for their own safety as there are many stone structures on the floor and sides which could hurt them.
  • Counter staff will be available to book poojas.
  • Outcall services will continue strictly adhering to public health and temple’s guidelines based on priest’s availability.
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