Temple Visit Registration

How to Register

Please use the registration form below to reserve a time slot for visiting the temple during the period of restriction.

  1. Each registration is valid for a family group
  2. Select a preferred date and time slot from the calendar. Each slot is of 20 minutes duration.
    • The dates and time slots that are unavailable for booking will not be displayed/selectable.
  3. The schedules for visits are (between):
    • Weekdays: 7 am ~ 9 am; 6 pm ~ 8 pm;
    • Weekends: 7 am  ~ 11:30 am; 5 pm ~ 8 pm.

Temple Entry Guidelines

  1. Please CANCEL the visit if any of the visitors answer the assessment questionnaire in the affirmative.
    • The instructions for canceling a booking is included in the confirmation email.
  2. The screening process will be repeated at the temple entrance
  3. Please enter the temple within the twenty minutes time-slot allotted to you, and exit within the recommended time of 10 minutes per family
  4. Entry will be from the North. Follow the signs posted in the temple.
  5. Maintain social distancing (minimum 2 meters / 6 feet) at all times
  6. Wear a face covering at all times while on the temple premises
  7. Do not touch anything while inside the temple building, and avoid prostration before the deities
  8. Avoid personal conversations while inside the temple
  9. Complete your visit as soon as possible
  10. Please note that there will be no access to the washrooms at the temple
  11. Footwear may be stored in the marked areas outside. Please avoid the basement area to prevent close contact
  12. Jackets may be worn at all times to avoid surface contact

Registration Form

Step by Step Instructions
  1. Click on a date on the calendar to select (if available, the date will be highlighted in blue)
  2. Click on a time slot to select from the list displayed below the date (the number of available bookings is shown in brackets)
    • Once selected, the slot will be highlighted in green
  3. Fill in your email, name and phone number
  4. Enter the total number of visitors in the group
  5. Enter the number of persons in the group who have been fully vaccinated (2 shots)
  6. Enter the number of persons in the group who have been partially vaccinated (1 shot)
  7. Check the agreement confirmation and reCAPTCHA
  8. Click Submit
    • Repeat the steps if you wish to book multiple slots.


What happens next….

  1. On successful submission, you will receive an automated email from the system, with the details of your registration
  2. Follow the instructions in the message to cancel your request, if needed.
  3. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY to the automated confirmation emails.
  4. In case you need assistance you may contact the temple by following the instructions in the message
  5. Please note that the timings may be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances. You will be contacted with updates in such cases.
  6. Please arrive at the Temple at least 5 minutes prior to the allocated time slot.
  7. If you arrive late and miss your time slot you may have to wait until an opening is available.
  8. Always follow the instructions given by the volunteers at the temple for your own safety as well as that of others
  9. Wish you a fulfilling visit….
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