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The Guruvayurappan temple of Brampton is the fulfillment of a dream, the dream of all devotees of Lord Guruvayurappan who wished to see the Lord in his divine form, without crossing the seven seas. To make this a reality a large number of devotees and volunteers have spent countless hours and effort. Lord Krishna in his abundant radiance will be filling us with grace and prosperity in the years to come.


This unique temple was built in accordance with ancient Hindu Shilpa and Agama Shastras (Science of Temple Construction) and accommodates Sree Kovils for Guruvayurappan, Ganapathy, Sastha, and Devi as at the temple at Guruvayoor, Kerala. There will be Chuttambalam, Thidappally, Valiambalam, Valia Balikkallu, and Chuttu Vilakku – perhaps the only Temple to have all these elements outside India. This temple, strives to be a pillar of social cohesion, aside from being the spiritual epicenter for the Hindus of North America.

Archived news

New Temple Manager

On Mr Appukuttan Nair’s retirement, Mrs. Viji Vattompadam and Mrs. Bindu Dinesh will assume the position of Manager and Assistant Manager …

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February Events

Ayyappan Abhishekam and Ayyappa Pooja on the 6th. Special events on Family Day holiday. Poonthana Dinam on the 17th with Njaanappana Recital.

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Vichara Dasakam +1

An discourse series featuring ten female speakers will be organized by the temple on every Saturday morning starting January 23 ..

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2021 Calendar

The Temple calendar for year 2021 is available for download in PDF format. A limited number of printed ones are also available for pick up…

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Live Classes and Sessions

The temple conducts various online classes and chanting sessions with live streaming every week. These classes/sessions have their own …

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Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton will organize a daily E-Satsang program starting Monday, November 16. This Satsang program …

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Spiritual Discourses

Your resource for learning more about spirituality, hinduism, vedanta, temple rituals etc. through recorded audios and videos of sessions …

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Online Booking & Payments

Your temple offers multiple options to donate, book poojas and make payments for the same via online, e-transfer, email or by phone…

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Kshetra Vijñānam

If you are not part of the Temple WhatsApp group  “GTOB Kshetra Vijñānam” yet, and are interested in joining, please click the invite link..

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Community volunteers

The Guruvayurappan temple of Brampton is building a volunteer group of people willing to provide their time and energy to support people in need…

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The Medallion

The Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton (GTB) has minted an exclusive and unique medallion. A very limited quantity of only 1500 serially numbered medallions has been made. These exquisite pieces have the intricately detailed image of Lord Guruvayurappan. [read more…]

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