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Temple Priests

Divakaran Namboothiri

Thirumeni Shri Divakaran Namboothiri

Shri Divakaran Namboothiri is the Chief priest and Thantri of the Guruvayurappan temple of Brampton.

He hails from Kariannur Mana. The family members of Kariannur Mana occupy the sacred position of “Thantri” in over 50 temples of Kerala.

Shri Divakaran Namboothiri went through a rigorous 6 year course in Thantram from Thantra Vidya Peedham, Alwaye which culminated in his being conferred “Thanthrarathnam (Jewel of Thantra)”. This course covered study of Vedas, Sanskrit and Thantra. His capabilities came to the fore in his first year as a student.

As an outstanding student, he was entrusted with teaching assignments even during the time he was a student. This was exceptional. He was also appointed as faculty at the very institution where he studied, which was a very high honour available only to a chosen few.

In 1992 Lord Guruvayurappan blessed him with the position of “Melshanti” (Chief Priest) at the Guruvayoor temple, also known as Bhooloka Vaikuntam. He attained this at a very young age not achieved by any other individual.

People in Toronto are also blessed that Thirumeni and his family have now made Canada their home.

Shri Divakaran Namboothiri was the Thantri of Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, Maryland, USA for a period of 5 years. He worked as a Thantri for six months at Sri Lakshmi temple in Boston, before returning to India.

In India, he has conducted Bhagavatha Saptaham as well as Narayaneeya Sapthaham. In 2003, Trichur witnessed Somayagam which lasted for 6 days and Shri Divakaran Namboothiri held the position of Brahman. Similarly in 2006 a yagam named Athirathram was conducted in Moolamkode, Palakkad, which lasted for 12 days.

This yagam was conducted after a span of 15 years. Shri Divakaran Namboothiri held the position of Parikarmi, also known as Committee chairman. This Yagna was attended by an estimated 300,000 devotees and cost approximately Rs. 60 lakhs.

Shri Divakaran Namboothiri has also performed temple consecration services at various places in Kerala. He has also been consulted on specific issues related to temple construction and worship.

Shri Divakaran Namboothiri (right) is ably assisted by Manoj (center) and Narayanan thirumenis. 

Manoj Namboothiri

Sri Manoj Namboothiri from Erayoor Mana. He has been extensively trained by several Gurus in Kerala. He came to Canada as our Priest in 2014.

Sri Manoj Namboothiri is well experienced in rituals and religious ceremonies of our faith. He was the priest in several famous Kerala temples like Chottanikkara (Keezhkavu Melshanti/Chief Priest), Thripunithura, and others – from the age of 18 years.

His family is living with him in Canada. Sri Manoj Namboothiri is also a knowledgeable astrologer having acquired vast knowledge in this discipline from some of the most famous astrological practioners and teachers in Kerala.

Narayanan Namboothiri

Shri Narayanan Namboothiri from Kookkampara Mana, joined our temple in December 2019. He is extremely knowledgeable in the practice of Hindu rituals, poojas and homams.

Narayanan Namboothiri spent 5 years in Trichur Brahmaswom Madom and completed studies in Vedas. Narayanan Namboothiri has participated in important vedic rituals and temple ulsavams across Kerala.

In 2011, Narayanan Namboothiri participated as Rithwick in Athiraatrams and Soma yagam in various cities across South India. Narayanan Namboothiri also served as Melshanti for a period of 2 years in Deshamangalam Manikutti Anjumoorthy Temple in Kerala.

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