Please see below an invitation for our devotees from Sri Ramesh Natarajan of GRD Iyer’s GuruCool:


As you know, since the last 16 years, Sridevi Gayathri and I run GRD Iyers GuruCool, a home-based and free spiritual learning class for the members of the Sanatana Dharma community and has more than 1000 qualified graduates in chanting of select Vedic, Purana and Tantra scriptures and rituals. We are inclusive and especially support learning by women and believe in their empowerment. All our programs feature women playing a leading role. Several prominent members of GTOB are students of our GRD Iyers GuruCool and have done the community proud including Ms.Geetha Menon.

Our association and commitment to GTOB has been notable. Our team delivered the Sri Lalita Sahasranama koti Archana and recently performed the 1000 renditions of various powerful vedic hymns. This strong spiritual partnership will continue.

We are pleased to inform that we are celebrating 04th November 2018 as WORLD SHAKTI DAY through the performance of a First-in-Canada mega event of  SAHASRA SUVASINI PUJA. The event is being held at Hindu Heritage Centre at 6300 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON. (While we wanted to hold it at GTOB, we couldn’t due to the ongoing construction activities.)

This event is being held to celebrate universal womanhood and to empower women in every way possible by feting them and worshipping them as Goddess Sri Lalita Tripurasundari. 

We invite all lady devotees of GTOB to kindly participate in this event by signing up by clicking on the link in the enclosed PDF flyer or by clicking the online link provided below. The event is completely FREE. The event is sponsored by our enthusiastic students and well-wishers and we are not soliciting funds from the public.  

By participating in this event, women will be signifying their support for women empowerment in the learing of our holy scriptures and in performance of rituals.

We request you to kindly distribute the flyer and link to your devotees and encourage to support WORLD SHAKTI DAY. This event will see women from all communities and will surely herald a future where women will play a leading role in the resurgence of Sanatana Dharma and take their rightful place as the embodiment of Shakti.

Best Regards

Ramesh Natarajan and Sridevi Gayathri

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