I. Spiritual Topics

Watch the series of spiritual talks conducted by Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton

  1. Femininity – Significant role in Hinduism
  2. Hindu Temples – History ,Need , Relevance and Significance
  3. Uniqueness of Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton
  4. Basics of Vedanta – Part 1
  5. Basics of Vedanta – Part 2
  6. Kathakalkkappuram (Beyond the stories)

II. Temple Realization

In these short videos (click to see the list and watch), Tirumeni (Brahmasri Diwkaran Namboodiri) explains various aspects of temple design, construction, consecration (prathishta) and rituals.

III. Prabodhanashtakam

The temple had organized a series of spiritual discourses by eight eminent speakers.

The sessions were streamed live. Please find below the recordings of these sessions:

  1. Some stories, some Science by Dr Raj Vedam
  2. Spirituality in daily life by Dr. Ravindra Nathan
  3. Gems from the Upanishads by Rajeev Bhaskaran
  4. Conversation with Indu Viswanathan
  5. Vedantik secrets for success by Vivek Ji
  6. Interactive Session with Ed Viswanathan
  7. Shrimad Bhagavatham-Wisdom of God with Santhosh Kumar
  8. Lessons from Ramayana for the modern world by Dev Ji

IV. Other Discourses

  1. Geyam Geetha Naama Sahasram (by Acharya Shri Vellinezhy Harikrishnan, on “Bhaja Govindam”)
  2.  Ekadasi Satsang with Paripurna Das Ji
  3. Delimiting the Mind by Sri M – Part 1Part 2
  4. Demystifying the Laws of Karma by Shaji Krishnan
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