These rituals are performed before building the sreekovil, and involves installation of auspicious elements beneath the foundation (right below the Lord’s Prathishta). This is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for all devotees to be part of and get blessed. [images and videos …]

Description of events and poojas by Thirumeni Divakaran Namboothiripad

The rituals are explained by Thirumeni on Malayala Mayooram channel (above)

The significance of Shadadhara Prathishta

Construction of the Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton in the traditional Kerala style is progressing rapidly. The latest and perhaps the most important phase of the effort, “Shadadhara Prathishta”, is scheduled to take place between 15 and 18 April 2016. [ read more … ]

Description of the rituals

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Shadadhara Prathishta: The Shadadhara Prathishta is a rite performed following the Bhooparigrahanam (acquiring of the land) and Karshanam (ploughing of the land). The area where the Sreekovil of the temple is to be built is dug till reaching water or rock, or to the height of a person. Three-fourths of the hole is filled tightly, and the Shadadhara Prathishta is done at the exact space above which the final prathishta (installation) of main deity will take place in the completed temple.

Vasthubali: This rite is preformed to please the Gods within the land for the construction. Vasthupurushan and Bhramav are worshipped, and the many Gods of Bhramav’s entourage are pleased with rites. Becoming a sponsor for the Vasthubali will bring relief to any problems associated with the vasthu of your house.

Aadharashila Sthaapanam: The rites associated with the setting of the Aadharashila, or foundation stone, symbolise for our temple the introspective nature of Shakti at the beginning of the universe.

Nidhikumbha Sthaapanam: When the desire to create forms this power is called Moolaprakruthy. This Moolaprakruthy is what is contained in the Nidhikumbham, which we fill with paddy (Navara Nellu) that we have been praying over through recitation of ‘Narayana’ over the last several months/years by Namajapam sessions. Along with Navara Nellu, other items such as jewels, gold and silver in different forms will be deposited in the Nidhikumbham as well.

Ishtaka Sthaapanam: The Ishtaka Sthaapanam, or the setting of bricks, will be performed at the spot where the door frame for the right door of the Garbhagriha (inner annex) of the Sreekovil (Sanctum Sanctorum) will be. Following the Ishtaka Sthaapanam, the rites for the Garbhanyaamam will also take place in the same area. The Ishtaka Homam and Ishtakaadhivaasam are rituals that are conducted to prepare and to make the area apt for the Ishtaka Sthaapanam.

Garbhanyaasam: The Praasaadam, or Sreekovil is the visible/physical form of Guruvayurappan. The Garbhanyaasam is the ritual of the earth becoming pregnant with the deity. The symbolic pregnant womb that is to form the visible/physical form of the deity is then set in the middle of the hollow formed by the bricks placed during the Ishtaka Sthaapanam.

Sponsoring/participating in this particular ritual (Garbhanyaasam) will bring divine blessing to couples who are waiting to be parents. It will help remove infertility.

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