In preparation for the Maha Prathishtta in July, the Temple will be conducting a series of Seminars by our most learned and respected Thirumeni, Divakaran Namboothiri to explain the details and significance of the various rituals that will be performed as part of the Prathishtta in July 2019. We expect to have three to four sessions to cover the various Pratishtta rituals.

Session 1: March 3 at 12 noon

Session 2: March 17 at 12 noon

Session 3: March 31 at 12 noon

The video snippets and transcripts are shared on the WhatsApp “GTOB Kshetra Vijnanam” groups. If you are not a member of these WhatsApp groups yet, you may join using this link

Please spread the word to your friends and family.

May Lord Guruvayurappan bless us all.

Om Namo Nārāyanāya!

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