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Sarpa Bali

An extremely powerful pooja

Sarpabali is an extremely powerful pooja commonly conducted for two primary reasons: infertility and to recover from certain illnesses such as skin disease. However, it may also be done to gain relief from Sarpadosham (sin associated with serpents).

The philosophy behind this pooja is to restore a balance in the kundalini energy that animates our body. An imbalance or obstruction in the flow of Kundalini energy within our body leads to the development of various illnesses. Sarpabali pooja directed at Lord Shiva seeks to restore this balance, thereby concomitantly restoring good health.

According to the science of yoga dealing with the power gained through the control of senses as well as meditation, there exists, at the base (root) of the prime center of one of the vital nerves of our nervous system (the spinal cord). This field is enveloped by an energy that is given the shape of a snake in the traditional texts. Only in real yogis this energy is made to travel in an upward direction freely through the nervous system. It is through this movement at will that they are able to attain emancipation from desires. In the ordinary human beings this movement takes place sideways. This leads to our carnal desires and urge for various other worldly pleasures. This can and does cause untold miseries in our lives.

When Sarpabali is undertaken, through the invocation of the power of mantras as well as rituals, this flaw in the movement is corrected so that we are also able to achieve what the yogis are able to do, enabling us thereby to achieve emancipation from desires and possibly aiding in reproduction as well.

Since the energy is given the shape of a snake, the ritual is known as SARPA BALI, literally meaning the “pleasing of Sarpa”.

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