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Donations / Monthly pledge

Donations within Canada

Automate your monthly recurring donations to the temple

It is now simple to set your monthly donations to the temple. Both options will take you to the secure PayPal website where all transactions are handled.

For amounts more than CAD$25 (for the year) a tax credit will be provided. 

There are four options including an option to set your own recurring amount. 

Donations from the USA

CAF International BadgeThe temple has arranged with Charities Aid Foundation America (CAF) for receiving donations from our devotees in the USA.

CAF America is an IRS approved charity organization in the United States, supporting many charities. CAF America will issue tax receipts directly to the devotees in the US which can be used for claiming deductions on tax returns. The temple will receive the funds from CAF America after deducting their nominal fees.

Please use the link above to donate. 

The temple had previously used AKMG (Association of Kerala Medical Graduates) USA for receiving donations from our US devotees for several years. AKMG has informed us they are unable to continue with this service moving forward for their own reasons.

Find out more details about the CAF International organization.

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