This is an extremely important Sooktham in the Rig Veda. It is chanted to procure heightened consciousness, such that the enlightened self may overcome any sinful, regretful and negative thoughts within the devotee’s mind. It is believed that any sin has two forms of Ashudham (defilement): one that can easily be undone through action (such as washing oneself to get rid of impurities), and the other which is much more tenacious and requires heightened consciousness to overcome. Hence, the Purushasooktham has the power to eradicate the second aspect of one’s sins. The Sooktham itself is a prayer to the phenomenon of an eternal Purushan (God) with 1000 heads, eyes, feet and so on, representing all of life.

Remarks: Performed in the morning
Belief systems: For general well being
Charges: $25.00

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