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Prathishta Dinam 2024

The temple is planning to conduct Prathishta Dinam and Dravya Kalasam in July 2024. Due to uncertainties around travel visas, we are planning two options.
1) Dravya Kalasam and Prathishta Dinam (6 – 18 July 2024)
6 – 11 July: Dhravya Kalasam and additional rituals
11 July: Prathishta Dinam
11 – 18 July – Thiru Ulsavam (starts on 11 July evening)
Dravya Kalasam will be followed by  Prathishta Dinam and Thiru Ulsavam including KodiyettamUlsavabaliPallivettaArattu etc., (similar to the Maha Prathista in 2019)
Dravya Kalasam and special rituals are conducted to empower purity, welfare, and progress to the temple and devotees. This requires additional resources – priests and percussionists from Kerala.
2) Prathishta Dinam (11 – 14 July 2024)
The second option will be similar to last year (2023) with Prathishta Dinam and festivities.
Please circle these dates on you calendar and consider holidays during this time. The temple would like every devotee to have the benefit of participating in these rituals. More details to follow soon.
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