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Parayeduppu/Prathishta Dina Maholsavam 2023

Prathishta Dina Maholsavam

4th Anniversary of Grand Consecration and Festival. Saturday June 24th to Sunday, July 2nd, 2023 (details below).

Saturday, June 24th – Festivities and Pre-Prathishta Dinam Rituals

Sunday, June 25th – PRATHISHTA DINAM (Grand Consecration Anniversary Day)

  • Morning: Ganapathy Homam, Bimba Sudhi Kriyas [consists of Chathu-Sudhi, Dhara, Pancha Gavyam & Panchakam], 25 Kalasam and Abhishekam for Guruvayurappan, Kalasabhishekam for Ganapathy, Ayyappan & Bhagavathy, Avasraava Prokshnam, Chandanam Charthal, Ucha Pooja
  • Evening: Haviss Pooja, Sreebhootha Bali, Ezhunallippu, Niramala, Chuttuvilakku, Deeparadhana, Thayampaka or Keli, Athazha Pooja, Seeveli
  • CULTURAL PROGRAMS [Temple Arts, Classical Music and Dances]

Monday, June 26th to Sunday July 2: FESTIVITY DAYS (7 days)

  • Morning: Nada Thurakkal, Nirmalyam, Abhishekam, Morning Pooja, Seeveli, Navakam Panchagavyam Pooja & Abhishekam, Ucha Pooja
  • Evening: Seeveli / KazchaSeeveli, Niramala, Chuttuvilakku, Deeparadhana, Keli or Thayampaka, Athazha Pooja, Seeveli
  • CULTURAL PROGRAMS [Temple Arts, Classical & Devotional Music and Dances]
  • Special Poojas and Offerings available.
  • Ulsavam Souvenir 2023 will be published. Sponsorships and articles are welcome.
  • Annadanam sponsorship and Cultural Program participation are available for devotees.
  • Please volunteer your time to help organize and conduct the festival.
Prathishta Dinam flyer

Launching Parayeduppu 2023

Parayeduppu 2023 was launched on 16 April 2023 with much fanfare to the accompaniment of panchari melam.

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