Udayasthamana Pooja

The Udaya Asthamana Pooja is supposed to be the most coveted and dearest of all poojas and is the most popular offering involving special poojas and vilakku (illuminations). ‘Udaya Asthamana’ literally means from sunrise to sunset. Hence it implies worship from sunrise to sunset. Normally there are three Poojas in a day – Usha pooja, Ucha pooja and Athazha pooja. When an Udaya Asthamana pooja is done in any temple there are 18 Poojas. But at Guruvayur there are 21 Poojas, and that is what we plan to do here.

Udaya Asthamana Pooja reservations are now accepted at the Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton (GTB) and are scheduled to start once the temple construction is completed. Dates for pooja will strictly be on a first come first served basis. Dates will be confirmed at least six months, whenever possible, prior to the pooja date. Currently the waiting list is about eight months. Monthly updates will be provided at the temple. It is important to note that a member or a representative of the family doing the pooja must be present on the scheduled day to perform the pooja. If for any reason, no one is available please contact the GTB authorities well in advance for further directions.

The Udaya Asthamana Pooja costs $5,000 and can be reserved either by paying the full amount (cash, cheque or credit card) or with an advance payment of $51. The remaining amount is payable at a later date either as a lump sum or in convenient instalments. Full payment is to be made a month before the scheduled pooja date. If for any reason the devotee is unable to pay the full amount by the scheduled date, the advance payment of $51 can be utilised to perform a ‘Divasa Pooja’.

Charitable donation receipts will be issued after deducting $ 500 from the amount received in any calendar year.

When bookings for Udaya Asthamana Poojas are made on instalment basis, tax receipts will be provided only after the first $500 is paid. Eg: If $100 is paid monthly from July to December (6 months) of a calendar year, then for that year a tax receipt for $100 will be given. The following year if $100 is paid monthly (i.e. for 12 months) – a charitable donation receipt for $1,200 will be given and so on.

However if the full payment of $5,000 is being made in a lump sum then a charitable donation receipt for $4,500 will be given in that calendar year itself.

Donors from the U.S can avail of special arrangements to receive charitable donation receipts that are acceptable to IRS. Please contact the GTB directly for details.

Reserve a pooja now to avail of the special rate. To make a booking please complete the Udayasthamana Pooja request form and mail to the address on the form with your payment instructions. Please contact the temple for directions on how to make these payments.

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