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Parayeduppu 2022

Conclusion of Parayeduppu with Para Samapanam on 26 June 2022

Image credit: Balu Menon

Images (random) and feedback from Parayeduppu conducted at devotees' homes

"It was a good experience, everyone was helping each other and it was great teamwork by the Parayeduppu team. It is highly appreciable how every family welcomed us and how well prepared they were for the event."

"The function went off very well. We are very happy and blessed to be a part of this event. Very nicely conducted and happy to receive blessings of Lord Guruvayurappan !!!"

Video credit: Sudheer Naik

Mississauga region


In preparation for the anniversary of the Prathista Dinam on July 5 and subsequent Ulsavam, Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton has started the Parayeduppu (പറയെടുപ്പ്) ritual. Parayeduppu or Paraniraikkal (പറനിറക്കൽ) is the ritual of filling nellu (നെല്ല്) or paddy in a para and offering it to god to receive blessings for the entire family.

In order to conduct Parayeduppu, temple will bring the para, nellu and other required items in a ceremonial manner to the homes of the devotees so that the devotees can offer Parayeduppu in their own homes.

This ritual brings the presence of the Lord to every household, blessing the devotees and accepts Para as they are invited and requested to visit temple on upcoming Pratishta Dinam / Ulsavam.

Why is such great importance attached to nellu and Para-nirakkal?

Nellu (paddy) is the source of rice that provides unending joy and comfort to people and significantly attached to annadanam. Annadanam destroys all sins, brings us good benefits and leads us towards attainment of salvation.

When we perform Para-niraikkal with the intention of offering annadanam to the supreme god, whose grace is all encompassing and all pervasive, the above-mentioned benefits accrue not only to the immediate family members but also to our future generations, in fact the entire lineage.

Registration online is closed. You can still call the temple to have the Parayaduppu done at the temple. For devotees who have already registered what are the next steps?

Parayeduppu will be performed during a weekend between mid-April and mid-June. The ritual will take approximately 30 minutes in each home and we will be able to conduct several Parayeduppu in a day. No special preparation is required from the devotees except to providing a suitable floor space to setup and conduct the Parayeduppu. Optionally devotees may offer some fruits and flowers for Parayeduppu.

Each city/region will have a team of temple volunteers who will schedule and co-ordinate Parayeduppu for that city/region. Once registered, please allow one or two weeks for your regional team’s representative to contact you to schedule your Parayeduppu and the regional team will conduct it accordingly.

This ritual brings the presence of the Lord to every household, blessing the devotees and accepting Para, while inviting them to visit temple on upcoming Pratishta Dinam / Ulsavam.

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