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Terms and Conditions

  1. Transportation for the priest(s) trip to and from the temple premises is the responsibility of the person requesting the service.
  2. The temple or the priest(s) is not liable for any consequences that may result from agreeing to provide the services at the location.
  3. Responsibility for arranging necessary insurance (if required) for the entire period will be the responsibility of the person requesting the service and the temple/its Board of Directors/employees will stand indemnified from all consequences and liability, as a result of the temple agreeing to provide the requested service.
  4. FULL PAYMENT of the agreed amount must be received by the temple at the time of booking the required service. Priority will depend on the payment date.
  5. Payments can be made by credit card/cash/cheque/online such as paypal or e-transfer.
  6. A maximum of 3 hours (three hours) are allotted to each pooja. An additional amount of $50.00 per hour will be charged for the time above the specified maximum allotted time.
  7. Pooja items as listed below are to be arranged by the devotees.

Requirements for:

Bhagawathi Seva

Ganapathy Homam

House Warming

Pinda Bali

Sudarshana Homam

Vasthu Bali

Service Request Form

All outside services will be provided depending on the availability of the priests(s) and their temple schedule. A minimum of two days’ notice is required to book an appointment. Any cancellation should be done at least two days before the scheduled date.

All fields below are required.

Your request will be confirmed by the Temple Front Office after consulting with the priest(s) and communicated to you by telephone / email provided below.

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