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New Krishnaarchana edition

Krishnaarchana Dec 2023 Cover

The new Krishnaarchana magazine edition is now available as a digital (PDF) edition.

Some of the highlights…

Savitri Puram, one of the Bhagavata acharyas, writes about the Hindu Philosophical Text, Devi Maahaathmyam, glorifying the Goddess, Mahadevi or Adishakti, in part 1 of 10 parts.

An introduction to a travelogue of a divine trip to Uttarakhand, in North West India, by Vinitha Radhamma and Shaji Krishnan leaves us, armchair travellers, yearning for more. Part 2 in the next issue, Contents, includes Vanamali Mataji’s insightful commentary on Karma and an exciting conversation with Aravind Warrier, who has helped lighten up the Malayalam Theatre world in Toronto. Aravind Warrier shares his views on the local drama scene.

Look up recipes for Gothampu Nurukku Payasam and Sadya Vada Kootu Curry.

The new Yuvatma team introduces itself and gives an update on its activities.

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