Your Temple will be conducting a Sangeetolsavam in conjunction with Navaratri and Vijaya Dashami.

Musicians, students and others who can sing classical songs / keerthans, or play musical instruments / percussions, or perform classical dances will have an opportunity to do so before Lord Guruvayurappan during the Navaratri period (October 9 ~ 18).

Each participant will be allocated 5 to 7 minutes (maximum). You can pick a time of your choice, if available, during the Temple hours.  If a group of 2 or more is performing, additional time can be allocated based on the availability of slots.

The Event is open to all age groups, and is mainly intended to provide an opportunity for students / teachers and aspiring young artists of Carnatic music – vocal & instrumental, and classical dances,  to dedicate their talent to Sree Guruvayurappanand seek his blessings. Moreover, this event will provide a forum for showcasing the young talents of our community.

Carnatic music teachers and parents are requested to encourage their students and children to participate in making this event a grand success.

To register for this event, please email with your phone number,  name of participant(s), and your choice of time. You can also call the Temple office (at 905 799 0900) during Temple hours, for registration.

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