In preparation for the Maha Prathistta in July, the Temple will be conducting Nāmajapam sessions each month between January and June  to reach the target of one crore (10 million) before July.

As you are aware,  we have been performing Nāmajapam every Sunday after Narayaneeyam for the past couple of years. At these sessions, we have been chanting Narayana 336 times. These typically take 8 minutes. It will take approximately 30 minutes to chant 1008 times.

On February 24, we will have three sessions of 30 minutes each in the morning starting at 10.30 AM with short breaks in between. We will also have another session in the evening at 6.30 PM just before Deeparadhana. If we can get 100 families or 300 people to perform Nāmajapam, we can easily achieve the target of 1 crore before Maha Prathistta.

We invite community members to organize special events with family and friends or include Nāmajapam in your celebrations. The temple will be happy to provide representation and the required kits. Please take this opportunity to take part in large numbers and receive Lord Guruvayurappan’s blessings. We seek your maximum participation to make this endeavour a grand success.

As our Thirumeni says profoundly, the main building block of the temple (besides the physical structure) is the devotion of all the devotees. Let us all come together to make every brick of the Temple echo the sound of Nāmajapam.

We wish you all the very best of the New Year.

May Lord Guruvayurappan bless us all.

Om Namo Narayanaya!

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