Naama Japam is the brainchild of our beloved Thirumeni and provides an opportunity for many people to participate in the construction of the permanent temple. Anyone can organize a Naama Japam. It can be held in their homes.

“Navara Nellu” – a type of raw rice – is given out to all those present at a Naama Japam. Any individual from the group touches the “Nellu” and all the people taking part in the Naama Japam touch each other to form a “chain” and all chant “Narayana”. The number of times the prayer is chanted (multiplied by the number of people) is counted. When a certain number is reached the “Nellu” is returned to Thirumeni. He places this “Nellu” at the base where the temple is to be constructed at a function called “Shadaadhaara Pratishta”. This represents the number of prayers that have gone into the temple building.

Instead of a chain of people, a thread/coir made up of “Darbha Pullu” – a type of grass – used for religious functions can also be utilized. People taking part, then, hold the thread while chanting and one end of the thread touches the “Nellu”.

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