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Krishna, a complete avatar

Prabodhanashtakam 2023

Krishna, a complete avatar

Mohanji was born in India and had a 22 year long career in the middle east. In 2000, his daughter passed away due to a tragic road accident. This was a turning point in his life and pushed him into the journey to know himself and to know the meaning and purpose of life. In 2012 he left his corporate career and decided to dedicate himself to serving the world full time.

Mohanji is a humanitarian and a guide to many across the world. Mohanji has dedicated his life with a single purpose: To live a life by showing kindness, compassion and the practice of Ahimsa. He is the founder of various organizations such as Ammucare, ACT foundation, Act4hunger, Early birds club, Fruit Tree plantation Drive, and the Mohanji Foundation.

Mohanji is also an advisor to several organizations including the Shree Jagannath Temple Trust in the UK, Moksha Trust and Kshetrapalaka Trust which both exist for restoring ancient temples in India and, WELL International, New York which applies the science of physical and social environments to benefit the health and well being in all of us

Mohanji’s notable book publications are the Power of Purity, Silence of Shiva and Mast – The Ecstatic.

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