Krishna Ashtami or Ashtami Rohini

(Comes in Aug-Sept/Karkidakam-Chingam)
It is supposed to be the “birthday” of Sree Krishna.

The Mythological interpretation and its relevance:
Krishna is a theophanic manifestation with various attributes. It is considered a “Poorna Avatara” – meaning a complete/full theophanic manifestation as opposed to other deities. The reason quoted is that a partial/incomplete manifestation cannot fulfill all the expectation of those who are likely to “face HIM”. That Krishna could do is the best reason to describe HIM as a “Poorna Avatara”.

It is equally important to realize that “GOD” is not a phenomenon hiding in a far away & distant realm. This aspect will amply be demonstrated by studying and researching the life and times of Krishna.

According to the two phases of moon, each month is divided into a waning period and a waxing period. After waxing period comes the full moon, and after the waning period comes the new moon and each phase is 15 days. A name is given to each day starting from “Prathama” and ending at New moon or Full moon. The name given for the eighth day is called “Ashtami”. Because of the system of two cycles in a month Ashtami comes twice in a month. The Ashtami that comes before the new moon is called “Krishna Ashtami”. It is believed that Sree Krishna was born on a Krishna Ashtami day in the Malayalam month of Chingam – which falls roughly in the period from the middle of August to the middle of September. Hence it is known as “Janmashtami” or “Krishnashtami”.

In the same way, in the Indian system of lunar month calculation, there is a cycle of 27 days which repeats itself and each day is considered to be “occupied” by a “star”. Since Krishna is said to have been born on a day with the star “Rohini”, and it so happens that in Chingam, each year, Rohini and Ashtami happens to coincide at some point in the day or night it has come to be known as “Ashtami Rohini”, particularly in South India where the “star” on which one is born is given very high “importance”.

It is believed that thinking about Krishna and chanting HIS various names create a soulful connection between the one who undertakes it and HIM.

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