Dear devotees,

You would be aware of the Canadian Government’s pledge for donations to help Indian Government’s efforts to save lives affected by Covid.  It has also requested all Canadians to help out.

To support this initiative,  we are launching a special campaign to collect donations exclusively or this purpose.

Devotees can make this special donation either through the online tool, or by calling the temple (905 799 0900) during office hours.  The temple cannot make any donations outside Canada directly as per the rules.  Therefore, all amount collected will be processed through a local Canadian Government approved charity, such as Red Cross, who is involved in this initiative with India.

For online donations, please click below:

Donate Now

All donations will be eligible for tax receipts from the Temple, which will be issued at the end of the year as per the normal procedure.

The situation in India is very alarming and your generous support will be greatly appreciated in this community support project.

Yours truly,

Dr. PK Kutty, President

RK Padiyath, Executive Director

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