The Guruvayurappan Medallion

The Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton (GTB) has minted an exclusive and unique medallion. A very limited quantity of only 1500 serially numbered medallions has been made. These exquisite pieces have the intricately detailed image of Lord Guruvayurappan. Fashioned out of nickel-silver and plated with 24 carat gold at jewellery strength of 15 microns, the medallions are approximately 5cm in diameter and 3mm thick. Each piece is individually packed in a clear plastic capsule and placed in a special velvet prestige box. An excellent way to own one of these unique medallions and at the same time contribute towards our dream of a Guruvayurappan temple in Canada is to make a donation of $1,000. Donor will receive a charitable tax receipt for $750 and also the GTB undertakes to perform a Pushpanjali every year on the birth day of the donor and his/her spouse for life.

Donations can be a single payment (cash, cheque or credit card) or in ten instalments with post dated cheques. The medallion will be delivered to you upon full payment or payment of the final instalment. Donors from the U.S can avail of special arrangements to receive charitable donation receipts that are acceptable to IRS. Please contact the GTB directly for details.

Please complete “The Guruvayurappan Medallion form“, and mail to the address on the form with your payment instructions to become a privileged owner of this unique Guruvayurappan medallion. The completed form can also be hand delivered to the temple. Cheques should be made payable to Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton. The blessed (sanctified) Medallion can be personally collected from our Thirumeni or it can be mailed. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

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