Monday, 19 February is Family Day

  •  7.30 am: Samvada Sooktham Pushpanjali (also known as Aikamatya Sooktham Pushpanjali). This is performed for family harmony, cordial family relationships and resolution of disputes between family members and also at the work place.
    • The pooja will cost $21.00 per family

Children’s Activities:

  • 3 pm: Drawing competition: (1 hour)
    • 2 Age Groups ( 5 ~ 9 years, and 10 ~ 15 years)
    • Colouring of Lord Krishna’s picture using crayons or colour pencils only (please bring your own).
    • Template will be provided from the Temple.
  •  4 pm: Krishnashtakam recitation competition:
    • 2 Age Groups (5 ~ 9 years, and 10 ~ 15 years).
    • Krishnashtakam can be downloaded here (click for Malayalam or English version) for the participants to practise.
    • Children can sing Bhajans and Keertans after the competition while waiting for the announcement of  winners.
  • 6 pm: Special Uma Maheshwara  pooja followed by Dampati pooja. (Dampati Pooja is performed for one or two senior Dampatis (couples married for many years). During this pooja, the senior couple(s) represent Uma & Maheshwara, and the younger couples and people hoping to get married can benefit greatly by seeking the blessings from the senior couples after the Dampati pooja. Overall, the day’s poojas will bring in the benefits of family harmony and cordial relationships
    •  Co-sponsorship:  $21.00 per family for Uma Maheswara Pooja.
  • 7 pm: Deeparadhana
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