Divasa Pooja

This pooja basically encompasses all the common daily poojas that are routinely carried out at the temple. It imparts the devotee with the blessings as if they were “operating” the temple for a day. As part of the pooja, the devotee also receives prasadam in the form of Pal Payasam (sweet rice pudding).

Remarks: Advance booking required.
Belief systems: For general well being
Charges: $75.00

NOTE: The Temple administration is in charge of the upkeep of this calendar. They may not have had an opportunity to update it so kindly contact them to make sure the date you have in mind is available. There is also a chance that the date you would like to book a Divasa Pooja may appear to have been taken but could now available because of a cancellation.

Divasa Poojas are booked only upon receipt of the full payment. This is being done to be impartial to all our dear devotees.

There are three ways to view this calendar – Week, Month, and Agenda.

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