Temple Construction Progress Timeline

View the images and read about the various phases of construction of the new temple building.

Updated: 20 September 2017

The temple construction is complete. The above picture show devotees celebrating Ashtami Rohini on September 12 in the new temple. Sreekovils inside will be built by artisans from Kerala who have recently received their visas to Canada. The temple will function from the new and permanent premises after mid-October 2017.  A temporary sreekovil will be constructed in a cordoned off area in the new temple.

Updated: 28 August 2017

  • The interior works in the temple are progressing well.
  • The drywall work has been completed.
  • Exterior brick facade work completed.
  • Horticulture work completed.
  • The final layer of the roofing  has been completed

Updated: 25 March 2017

  • The interior works in the temple are progressing at a fast pace with almost all of the mechanical and electrical works completed as on date, with only the final fixtures to be installed.
  • The drywall and other finishing works would be completed in the coming few weeks with drywall commencing this week
  • The washrooms in the basement are being reconfigured due to some additional requirements causing some delay to basement finishing works
  • The roofing works were delayed due to the late snow and rains, but now finally the building is watertight
  • The final layer of the roofing would be completed in April
  • External brick façade works were scheduled for March completion, however was postponed to commence in April as the vilakkumada thara details were being finalized
  • The ESA approval for permanent electrical panel and works were obtained last week and the transformer has been energized.

Updated: 15 January 2017

  • Roof decking is completed and the roof finishing works has started
  • External windows have been installed
  • The shelf angle and blue skin works ongoing with the brick work commencing next week
  • The basement framing is completed along with rough-ins
  • Brampton hydro has been working on site to pull their primary cables and would be installing their transformer

Updated: 11 December 2016

  • The steel stud framing around the building is complete
  • The roof deck and external walls are nearing completion. Expected completion by December 15
  • The foundations for the Sreekovils, Valliambalam , along with the floor slab concrete is complete
  • The basement works are progressing rapidly with rough-ins for the washrooms and other areas inside basement completed
  • Equipment like boiler, storage tank have been installed and HVAC equipment is on site
  • Sprinkler lines, HVAC ducting and electrical works are progressing in the main hall
  • Externally, the concrete curbs and basecoat of the asphalt has been completed
  • The electrical duct banks and service connections are completed

Updated: 18 November 2016

  • Dry wall being erected
  • Floor is cemented
  • Curbs on temple ground and parking lot
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