april 2023 krishnaarchana 9 SPECIAL FEATURE By Madhav Kochunni a: A mic Delight! This year, the concept of Vishukainettam has changed slightly. What was a token amount for Vishu given by karanavars [elders] to the younger folks is now the rolling trophy for the best Vishu sadya. The race is on; who will win the cup? The contest begins on April 14th . For those who never cared to know or wanted a taste of it, Vishu is the birth of a new year as marked in the Malayalam calendar [Malayalam is the language best spoken in Kerala]. It usually falls on the 14th of April [‘medam onnu’]. Who is the best judge? The adjudicators this year, as in every year since the first Malayalees landed in North America, are Kuttunni and Kunjunni. Let us get Kuttunni’s views on the subject. Kuttunni is pot-bellied. His balding head has run out of ideas to grow more hair. The remaining outgrowth is jet black and is fighting a losing battle with his encroaching forehead. The other border is ably fenced by thick and wildly twisted eyebrows shading deep-set black eyes. The bulbous nose separating the eyes is a safe take-off point for small aircraft. The most prominent feature on Kuttunni’s