april 2023 krishnaarchana 7 kani. The significance of the mirror in Vishu-kani is to see ourselves; to remind us of the relationship between us (the microcosm) and the world (macrocosm); chance to pay gratitude to all for the abundance that surrounds us and to understand the true meaning of who we truly are. Hence, Vishu-kani is arranged with great care and precision to create this positive energy/ambience and to stimulate spiritual growth. In some families, after Vishu-kani, family members go to temple for worship and prayers. They read Ramayana on this day with a belief that reading this Itihasa will give spiritual power, encouragement, and strength to pursue new beginnings. Elders give a small amount of pocket money to children and the needy in the form of new coins or currency bills. This is called Vishu-kaineettam. The ritual is about sharing wealth with all. Adults and children after bath, wear new clothes (Kodi vastram/linen); Vishu-kodi. After this, children, and adult burst crackers, known as “Vishu-paddakam” As Vishu is considered as the new year, Vishu-bhalam provides the complete prediction for the next one year based on nakshatrams (stars). In olden days, a regional astrologer visited the homes and used to forecast the predictions for each family member. Nowadays it is published in magazines or telecast on TV. This is followed by a traditional feast known as “Vishu-sadhya, an important part of the festival. The significance of the mirror is to see ourselves, to remind us of the relationship between us and the world