april 2023 krishnaarchana 35 CE). Jayadeva noted that Brahmagupta’s method for solving these types of equations could be generalized, and he went on to describe this general method, which Bhāskara II later developed in his Bijaganita treatise. The Chakravala technique was named after the Sanskrit word chakra, which means “wheel” and refers to the algorithm’s circular nature. No European performance at the time of Bhāskara, or much later, exceeded its amazing height of mathematical intricacy, according to C.-O. Selenius. Many mathematical discoveries were made in India, some of which you may know about, while others not so much. These include the binary numbers, ruler measurements, the decimal system, numerical notations, the concept of zero, and much more. These are just a few that I loved researching about. It’s incredible to think that without modern technology, these mathematicians and scientists could achieve such heights that their discoveries are still known and are used today. Reference: Is It True That Fibonacci Was Inspired by Ancient Indian ... Rationale of the Chakravala Process of ... - Msc.uky. edu. Rationale-of-the-chakrav-la-process-of-Jayadeva-andBh-skara-II_1975_Historia-Mathematica.pdf. FEATURE By Shreya (11 yrs) Amma’s Tears Bhoomi Devi sheds her tears They fill up an entire state Our actions have hit her like spears She, our Amma did not deserve this fate Years have passed, days have gone by Still, she is filled with anger, she cries Humans have failed her, swallowed by pride With hate in our blood, we’ve left her behind We have an opportunity, we have choice To forget her or listen to her voice So hear her pleas, help save our future Before it’s to late, before we lose her