april 2023 krishnaarchana 29 of this festival). In between these dates, for 11 days, Thitambu Nriththam (a sort of dance with the idols of Krishna and Balarama) is held at Pookoth Nada (1 km from Trichambaram temple). At the start of the utsavam, the idol of Krishna’s brother Lord Balram is brought from Dharmakulam Temple at Mazhoor and they are said to play together at Trichambaram, before being separated again at the end of the festival. On the last day of the festival, towards sunset, an earthenware pot full of fresh ‘Palamrutam’ is carried into the temple. The milk loving Krishna forgets everything and follows the vessel into the temple, thus bringing the festivities to an end. Balaram seeing that Krishna has left for the temple reluctantly proceeds to his abode at mazhoor. There are two peculiar customs observed here, which reinforce the belief that the deity here represents the Lord after Kamsavadha. One is the offering of naivedya immediately after the sanctum is opened for the day every morning. The belief is, Krishna after killing Kamsa went to his mother Devaki and asked for food stating that he was very hungry after the ordeal. It is to commemorate this event that the ritual of offering food the first thing in the morning is observed. The other is the prohibition of elephants being taken anywhere near the temple. It may be recalled that the royal elephant Kuvalayapida charged Krishna and Balarama while they were entering the palace of Kamsa. Since this incident Krishna had developed hatred against elephants. Hence, no one dares to take an elephant near the Trichanbaram temple although elephants are very much part of all other Kerala temples for carrying the deities in procession. STUDY, WORK & LIVE Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant +1 647 401 4353      in CANADA