april 2023 krishnaarchana 21 Chakra balancing is a powerful vehicle for making a difference with your wellbeing and health as a whole person. When the chakras are fully open, your body functions at its highest level of well-being. The body becomes out of balance when they are closed down or too open. “Experience The Incredible Feeling Of Well Being With Chakra Clearing When Your Chakra Energy Becomes Totally Balanced.” What are Chakras? Chakras are considered lifegiving energy centers that are part of your human energy field. Chakras are tied to your endocrine system. The first three chakras ground us to the earth, whereas the top chakras are associated with our spiritual development. Again, optimal well-being occurs when they are all balanced. The chakra system is split into seven different chakras. They are • 1st Chakra (Muladhara) - Root, red, adrenal. This is associated with survival and grounds you to the earth which is your natural source of abundance. • 2nd Chakra (Swathisthana) - sacral, orange, reproductive. This is associated with creativity and reflects the identity that you are born with. • 3rd Chakra (Manipura) - solar plexus, yellow, pancreas. This is associated with your mind and is the center of your power and independence. • 4th Chakra (Anahata) - heart, thymus, green or pink. This is the centre of love and this is where you experience all feelings. • 5th Chakra (Vishudha) - throat, thyroid/ parathyroid, blue. This is associated with communication which involves both speaking as well as hearing. • 6th Chakra (Ajna) - third eye, pituitary, indigo. This is the intuitive centre and this is where you see the world as it is without personal definitions. • 7th Chakra (Sahasrara) - crown, pineal, violet and sometimes white. This is associated with your spiritual connection and makes you realise that you are a part of the Higher consciousness. FEATURE By Gopinathan Ponmanadiyil Chakra Balancing - Heal your Chakras, Heal your Life and he/she was the dance teacher for the king’s daughter, Uthara. Stories of Shikhandi and Brihannala are not viewed with contempt or as “weird” in any way and acceptance of people as they are, for their skills and valor should be a lesson for us as a society. Bhishmaacharya, when forced to pick his side in the Kurukshetra war, decided to be loyal to the throne of Hastinapur and support king Duryodhana even when he was fully aware that Dharma was on the side of Pandavas. But Bhishma also gave the Pandavas the secret to bringing him down through Shikhandi, and hence on the tenth day of the Kurukshetra war, Bhishma fell to the arrows of Shikhandi. This was the law of karma in action through multiple births, Amba (now Shikhandi) avenging Bhishma Acharya against his wrong actions. Could it also have been an acceptance by Bhishma of his wrong action when he informed Pandavas of the power Shikhandi has over him and an assurance that he will not fight against her/him? Shikhandi ‘s tale is one of acceptance and respect and encourages us to question the myths created by the colonizers about the hierarchy within the ancient society in the region now called Bharat/India. These are tales which should catalyze us to look at our own biases and reduce our bigotry by accepting one and all for who they truly are. Issue of gender should not overwhelm the identity of the person and religion which worships “ ArdhaNareeswara”( the Shiva-Shakti ideal/ Purusha-Prakrithi) should not have to struggle to accept anyone belonging to the LGBTQ spectrum or any living being for that matter.