18 krishnaarchana april 2023 By Sreekala Chengat By Neil Sujith (eight years) physical body, but it also promotes strength of mind, steadfastness, determination and uninterrupted advancement toward any goal. All individuals have to have all these five sense organs in order to perfectly experience the world we live in. Akasha is the subtlest and prithvi, the grossest. Each element is used to create the next element, each less subtle than the next. The grossest element of prithvi (earth) can be perceived by all the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The next subtler element apas or water has no smell but can be heard, felt, seen and tasted. Next comes agni or fire which can be heard, felt and seen. After that comes vayu or air which can be heard and felt. Last comes akasha in which only sounds can be heard. We are guilty of despoiling all these great elements and that is why we have to suffer from so many physical and mental disorders. Today we will only talk about the way in which we try to destroy the “earth” element. We treat her like dirt and hence she is sending us diseases worms and viruses! From the time humankind has lived on the earth we have started despoiling her. We have stolen all her precious articles – gold, silver, diamonds, coal, petroleum etc. by digging deep into her bowels. We have turned a deaf ear to her cries. We are also fast denuding her of her beautiful garments like trees, grasses and flowers. We tunnel into her bowels to make our metros and tubes, we cut through her mountains to make our paths easier, and crush stones and rocks to make our houses. Beautiful rounded pebbles from the rivers that have taken millions of years to shape are broken down in minutes to make our roads. We are the greatest predators. There is no animal as cruel as the human being. We prey upon the glorious creatures of the earth. By cutting forests we deny them their habitat and then kill them when they come into our fields because they have nothing to eat. We treat domestic animals as if they live only to give pleasure to our palates, uncaring of the inhuman way we treat them. So, today’s plea to all of you is to treat the earth as your mother, care for her and look after her and all the creatures that live on her. By doing this, you will find a dramatic change both mentally and physically. Hari Aum Tat Sat!