april 2023 krishnaarchana 15 an Epic, and Rama is the hero or incarnation of Vishnu, the philosophy of Yoga Vasishta did not get an equivalent popular acceptance or readership, but philosophically it is in no way less than Prasthana thraya. It can be considered as an equivalent imparting philosophical training of the supreme kind. Yoga Vasishtha is a text for those who seek liberation from the cycle of life and death. Filled with exceptional stories and characterized by a unique style, this scripture consists of 32,000 couplets and is divided into 10 sections. There is a shorter version Laghu Yogavasishtha of 6000 verses attributed to Kashmiri scholar Abhinanda in 10th century AD. Various sections of this book deals with Vairagya or dispassion, concept of this world as mithya or filled with maya and signs of liberated souls. Yoga Vasishta focuses primarily on Atma, and ways to realize Brahman. Om Ramaya Ramachandraya Ramabhadraya vethase Raghunathaya Nathaya Seethaya pathaye namaha We bow down to Sri Rama husband of Seetha. The mantra below can be included as our daily prayer to Lord Rama. Om Kleem Namo Bhagavathe Ramachandraya sakala jana vashyakaraya Svaha. FEATURE By Smriti Sadhashivam (10 yrs) My Favourite Hindu God My favourite Hindu God is Shri Vishnu. He is my favorite god because he defeats demons, he has lots of avatars and we can learn a lot of life lessons. My most favorite avatar is Krishna. He defeats Demons too! He only does good when being an adult. He was born in a jail. His mother was not taken to the hospital! His mother was Devaki. He also had an adopted mother! Her name is Yashoda. Krishna is Kamsa’s nephew. He really helps the Pandavas, and he was instrumental in defeating the Kauravas. He freed his parents out of jail. He is very kind to Arjuna. He always did good as a child and as adult, but he was naughty as a child. He defeated his evil uncle Kansa. Lotus feet and peacock feather, Eating butter in sunny weather, Flute music all around, They make a beautiful sound, The son of Yashoda has many adorers, He plays in the Yamuna waters, He danced on the snake Kaliyan’s head, And, to Yashoda’s horror, until Kaliyan fled, He danced in Vrindavan with all the gopis, He also stole the clothes of the gopis, He’s Arjuna’s teacher, brother-in-law, and friend, He taught Arjuna the Gita so the war would end, He saved Draupadi from her unrobing and her shame, as she prayed to the brim, Balram is his brother, who is very dear to him, He is always happy and never grim, Keshava’s name comes from him slaying Keshi, the demon horse, And Keshi could not beat him, of course, He killed his uncle Kamsan, who was a horrible man, And fortunately, Kamsan did not have a long lifespan. He is always happy and never gloomy, And whenever I am sad, I know he’ll be beside me. POEM` By Bhairavi (eight yrs) Krishna