Bimba Parigraham is the ceremonial handover of Bimbam (idol) to Acharya (Tantri).

The idol of Guruvayurappan is ready in Kerala at the hands of an experienced sculptor, and under the supervision of our Temple’s Vasthu consultant (Sri Vezhaparambu Brahmadathan Nambudiri).

Ceremonial handing over was performed on Friday, September 21, 2018 at 4 pm (Indian Standard Time) at the Mannarassala Temple in Kerala under the leadership of and rituals by our Thirumeni Brahmasri Kariannur Divakaran Nambudiri.

Our sincere thanks to Brahmasree Subramanian Nambudiri, Chief priest of Mannarassala Temple for facilitating this event at their venue.

The rituals in Kerala were as follows:-

  • Ganapathy Pooja
  • The Shilpi (master sculptor) brought the bimbam (idol)
  • The Acharya (Tantri) then drew the eyes on the bimbam’s face with a golden needle dipped in ghee and honey
  • The Shilpi sculpted the eyes of Guruvayurappan with his hand tool (a small chisel)
  • The Shilpi placed the bimbam on Bhadrapeetham (holy base)
  • Temple Administration and Tantri paid tributes to the Shilpi for his work and offered him gifts and dakshina
  • Temple Administration and Tantri took possession of the bimbam
  • Dakshina was offered to Tantri, other priests and percussionists.
Now the bimbam is ready to be brought to Brampton for the Pratishtha rituals.
Bimba Parigraham was done with percussions (melam) and chanting of mantras.
The Temple Manager, Sri Appukuttan Nair, represented the Temple Administration at the ceremony.






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