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Ashtami Rohini

Colourful and Vibrant!

Pic Credit: Balu Menon

Temple celebrated Ashtami Rohini (Sree Krishna Jayanthi) on Wednesday, September 6th with many rituals and activities throughout the day.

Special offering by devotees included Thrikala Pooja, Pal Abhishekam, Venna / Appam / Avil Nivedyams, Chandanam Charthal and Chuttuvilakku. Sampoorna Narayaneeya Parayanam (Full recital of Srimad Narayaneeyam) started at 9AM and finished in the afternoon.

The evening witnessed colorful and vibrant Shobhayathra where many children dressed up as Krishna, Gopikas and Kuchela participated. Hundreds of devotees joined the Shobhayathra procession started from East Nada of Temple and circled around the temple where Dandiya dance also performed by Youngsters, followed by Uriyad in West nada.

After Chuttuvilakku and Deeparadhana, wonderful performance of classical dance and Music was dedicated by great talents. Appam and Annadanam was distributed to children and devotees in the evening. Thousands of Guruvayurappan devotees visited the temple marking auspicious day of Janmashtami.

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