2019 Tax receipts for eligible donations/sponsorships have now been emailed, or sent by post.

There are still some pending tax receipts, which we are unable to process due to incomplete information.

We are trying to contact the donors and will send them the receipts as soon as we receive the necessary information.

If you do not receive your tax receipts by end of the month, please please send an e-mail addressed to “temple@guruvayur.ca” providing  your mailing address, e-mail ID, telephone number and, if possible, the amount for which you are expecting to receive the tax receipt. Alternatively, you may contact the temple office during temple hours, or Temple Manager, Mr. Appukuttan Nair at 647 628 1520 in the evenings or weekends.

NOTE: The emails bearing the Tax Receipts have been sent from the following temple email address: payment@guruvayur.ca. Please check other folders (such a junk) of your email account in case you do not find it in the Inbox folder.

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