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19 February: Family Day Events

Temple has organized various events for the Family Day (Monday, February 19):

Aikyamathya Pooja (Family day – Co-offering) $31 

The pooja includes:

  • Samvada Sooktham (Aikyamathya Sooktham) Pushpanjali in the morning
  • Uma Maheshwara Pooja in the evening

There will also be Family Day Children’s activities in the afternoon

Detailed schedule for the day is as follows:

8:30 am: Samvada Sooktham Pushpanjali (also known as Aikamathya Sooktham Pushpanjali). This is performed for family harmony, cordial family relationships and resolution of disputes between family members, and also at the workplace.

3:00 pm to 5:30 pm – Family Day Children’s Talent Activities (Conducted in person at temple, pre-registration required)

6:00 pm: Uma Maheshwara Pooja & Dampathy Pooja

Uma Maheshwara Pooja is performed to seek Lord Shiva’s and Goddess Parvathi’s blessings by devotees looking to get married or by couples for successful and happy marital life.

To book Uma Maheswara Pooja, please click

Dampathi Pooja is performed for a senior Dampathies (married couple). During this pooja, the senior couple represent Uma Maheshwara, and the younger couples and people hoping to get married can benefit greatly by seeking the blessings from the senior couple after the Dampathi pooja. Overall, the day’s poojas will bring in the benefits of family harmony and cordial relationships.

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