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The Temple will be conducting SARPABALI on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 6:00 PM.

Sarpabali is undertaken for the invocation of Lord Shiva along with Sarpas through the power of Mantras as well as rituals.

Participating in this ritual, it is believed, will take care of the following issues in our lives:

  • Skin disease
  • Sarpadosha
  • Delays/hurdles in marriages
  • Not having children

Devotees can CO-SPONSOR   this event for a nominal donation of $ 51.00.

Please book in advance, so that the Temple can make the necessary arrangements to better serve all the participants and devotees.

According to the science of yoga dealing with the power gained through the control of senses as well as meditation, a field exists at the base (root) of the prime center of one of the vital nerves of our nervous system (the spinal cord). This field is enveloped by an energy that is given the shape of a snake in the traditional texts. Only in real Yogis this energy is made to travel in an upward direction freely through the nervous system. It is through this movement that they are able to attain emancipation from desires. In the ordinary human beings this movement takes place sideways. This leads to our carnal desires and urge for various other worldly pleasures. This can and does cause untold miseries in our lives. Sarpabali is undertaken so that through the invocation of the power of Mantras as well as rituals, this flaw in the movement is corrected. Thus we can achieve emancipation from desires as Yogis are able to, while aiding in reproduction as well.

Since the energy is given the shape of a snake, the ritual is known as SARPABALI, literally meaning the “pleasing of Sarpa”.

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