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GToB Temple construction update

10 June 2017. The Guruvayurappan Temple of Brampton [GToB] construction is progressing well. The board, the executive, and management committees are happy to say that “it is intensely gratifying to see our cherished dream taking shape rapidly”.

The good news? The temple is likely to get occupancy permit by 30 June 2017. The plan, when this happens, it to have an open house inviting all devotees especially Guruvayurappan *bhaktas* who were generous enough to give interest bearing loans and donations for construction.

The first auspicious ceremony will be to move the *Charaprathishta* to the designated area of the new temple floor and build a temporary main *sreekovil*. This *sreekovil* is to be built in such a way that it can be dismantled overnight to make way for the ceremonious *Sthira Prathishta* early next year.

To facilitate the interior construction of *sreekovils* before *Sthira Prathishta* and other temple carvings and engravings, artisans from India will be brought on special work visa. Committee members are tirelessly working on multiple fronts to get the temple up to speed including getting permanent residence status for Manoj *Thirumeni* and his family.

If you visit the temple now, as the committee urges you to witness the rapid progress yourself, you will see several triangular windows on the roof. These are of different sizes and covered with glass presently. Eventually an ornamental structure, designed by Thirumeni Divakaran Namboothiri, will cover these windows from the outside. The ornamental structures will be lightweight, made of fibreglass, hollow tubes, stucco, or paper pulp, will fit each opening. The *thazhikakkutams* are made and waiting to be painted in gold before installation.

The temple management has started work on obtaining long-term conventional mortgage from one of the leading banks. To qualify for this, monthly pledges need to be increased to $20,000 per month. To make this a reality devotees need to pitch in by donating generously and visiting the temple [currently at the temporary location] regularly.

There has been delays on some fronts but the committee and volunteers are tirelessly working to ensure that the occupancy permit comes through by the appointed time. For more information and updates, visit www.guruvayur.ca

* The definition of *bhakta* in Merriam-Webster is "a religious devotee" and is a Sanskrit word.
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